Our Partners

We have aligned ourselves with partners who are of the best in their respective sectors and countries to provide our customers a broader offering in our Home Renovations and Home Gardens & Pools services.

As we progress, we will be joining hands with further suppliers of specialist and niche products where we see a true differentiation in the local offering.

Hot off the press – without disclosing too much (sshh!) … The following partners are shaking hands over the coming few weeks (@ September 2021)

Instant Water
Heaters – UAE

Instant Water heaters in the UAE we believe will be a real head turner when it comes to ergonomic design, power savings and the saving you from the rigour of leaky overhead water heaters that insist on damaging ceilings! Plus, with trials underway with case studies in regular villas in Dubai should demonstrate the advantages and return on investment of these versus the traditional storage water heaters.

We are joining hands with an European manufacturer (Yes, designed, built and shipped from Europe). More to be announced.

Smart Homes

The smart homes experience kudos must go to one of the client case studies – as he leaves the office and approaches home he has a mood setting where the home sound system plays the Star Wars Imperial March track to let his children know he’s almost home.

We are joining hands with another European manufacturer (Yes, designed, R&D, built and shipped within Europe). With compatibility with most systems (Alexa, Apple Home, etc.).

Exciting opportunity to soon have these offerings in all our locations…

Bathrooms &

We’ve partnered with a number of manufacturers of extensive ranges of wardrobes, bathroom units and kitchens – ranging from local manufacturers to the branded German kitchens.

Available in the UK, UAE and Pakistan we are very excited to announce the endless possibilities to build that perfect space… coupled with our design team to set the right light concepts, add a sparkle of imagination .. the possibilities re endless!

Watch this space as we bring this partnership to you!

Energy Saving uPVC
Windows & Doors

Another natural partnership, we’ve joined hands with uPVC manufacturers of beautiful doors and windows in the UK, UAE and Pakistan.

Energy efficient (keeping the heat in or out depending which season and country!), warrantied products to complement our design teams and Home Renovation projects.

We look forward to bringing you more as we unveil the partnerships in each location.

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