Solar Energy – sustainability, affordability of installation costs, energy bills, reliability in technology, power shortages… Many aspects of solar power for your home have developed into affordable solutions.

From power shortages in some locations, to considering installation costs to saving on energy bills, to answering the question of reliability in technology, to sustainability of the planet …. Solar energy to power our homes has come a long way. Across a number of locations, we’ve established ourselves well defined partnerships to bring assurance in solar solutions to your home… all with the Queensman warranty.

There’s no doubt about it, solar-powered electricity is a cost-saving energy alternative. Depending on the size of your solar power system, it can start generating more electricity than your home consumes, making your meter spin backward. When you go solar, you can decrease your monthly electric bill, instantly saving on electricity month over month.

With a solar panel system, your home will generate carbon-free power for its entire life cycle. Even if your solar power system does not produce 100 percent of the energy your house consumes, you still will be reducing your energy bills, and owning the power your panels produce.

Queensman Spades has partnered with local installers to bring together an assured service of supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

We’re going that extra mile to bring together reliable solutions – with our approach of quality assurance across our segments we’ve started our services in select locations across Pakistan to answer the demand from many of our international clients for uninterrupted and cost effective power supply. We’ll be expanding this service across our different locations.

Download a brochure and book a free consultation to understand how we can help you evaluate solar power as an alternative.

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