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Specialising in residential projects, we offer full architectural and design services working with our teams to complete everything from a room makeover to a new build of a property.

Our practise headed by our Dubai office, is complemented with team members in our different locations, to create projects that not only fit your requirements, budget and timeline but will inspire you with formidable design concepts.

Our local teams are versed with the municipality requirements to assist in planning approvals, and further complemented with engineers engaged in the design and build phase.

Our design teams have a wide international experience for both Interior design of your home (or office and commercial space) and Exterior design of your gardens and pools.

How We Work


Consultation Meeting


Survey & Project Concept Definition


Detailed Design & Planning


Project Build Supervision

Consultation Meeting

Choosing an architect is of course an important decision. The time you spend with your architect will not only be lengthy, but will involve in-depth discussion about your home (or project) and the objective for defining what you’d like to achieve. For this reason we offer a free consultation meeting (at your home / at your convenience) before the start of every project.

When we first visit there are many things that we will be looking at while discussing your ideas. While the overall design will be the main topic of discussion, it is our job to be thinking ahead, beyond the initial design, to the practicalities of how things will actually be built.

Survey & Project
Concept Definition

Depending on the type of work being undertaken, nearly all projects require a survey of your existing property (or space) to define what the project will entail. This survey (done at your convenience) gives us detailed information about your project. Size, proportions, heights, dimensions, build considerations.

Our Consultant will assess your design requirement and create a number of concepts that will then be discussed with yourself, to create that ideal design. Drawings will be created in 2D and 3D as appropriate, with the designs visually presented such that you can envisage what the final product will be.

At build phase these designs and visualization will often form part of the scope definition and deliverable.

We pride ourselves on taking globally inspired designs and being able to see them through to project execution. Our Instagram site has Home Inspo’s where designers and clients alike have helped put together inspirations for the home.

Detailed Design &

The nest step on project concept definition will be to create the technical drawings and planning submissions (if applicable). Here we will take the specific details for the architectural and engineering drawings if required and compile the CAD drawings. This would not always be required – but for example a loft/rear/side extension in the UK, or a balcony conversion or pool build in Dubai will. Our consultants will take care of the process to ensure a timely submission. Where planning is not required, the similar design will be developed for visualisation. At this stage of the project, we will also provide samples of the finish materials to be used and agree the products to be sourced so the aesthetics of the project are seen and agreed.

Project Build

At this stage our Consultants will oversee the pre-planning of the project to ensure the design deliverables are well understood by our teams and will be engaged throughout the project build to ensure the concept is bought to life. We offer scope for adjustments through the build phase – knowing that as it comes to life clients often like to make adjustments to the look and feel. The emphasis being that the project should deliver as an ideal for what you’d like to create.

We pride ourselves on creating inspiring designs – our business has grown from personal referrals – every project however small or large is treated as our own.
Trust, Integrity, Expertise.

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