Queensman Spades are Dubai’s leading property maintenance company. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

What is Home Warranty?

Our Home Warranty service is an annual plan which covers all maintenance, repairs and servicing for your property for one fixed cost. This covers unlimited callouts when things go wrong and preventative measures and servicing to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place with no additional man hour fees.

What is included in the Home Warranty?

Our property maintenance service provides a warranty to maintain the property internally for preventative care and cover against repair and replacement of the following.

  • AC (HVAC) Services
  • Electrical Services
  • Water System & Plumbing Services
  • Carpentry & Tiling Services
  • Paint Services
  • Pest Control Services
Are there extra any additional costs or limitations?

At Queensman Spades, we believe the maintenance cost of a property should be known ahead of time to understand the true return of an investment, or from the tenant’s perspective, the true cost of renting a property.

We provide what we believe to be a comprehensive cover with no limits to the number of callouts. Home Warranty customers can call us out as and when they need us, with no extra cost.

What if I am away from home and an issue arises at the property?

Our handy app goes wherever you go! Simply request a call out with the touch of a button as soon as you are aware of an issue. We operate maintenance call-outs 24/7, 365 days a year.

How are Queensman Spades able to be so price competitive?

Our dual approach delivers value to both investor and tenant alike. Our comprehensive package looks after the interest of both the parties and hence our pricing model is split so both parties contribute the overall cost.

This allows for the cost per party to be very competitive, and a game-changer for how property maintenance services are afforded.

What pricing do Queensman Spades offer for the owner–occupier?

We have a special discount for the owner – occupier, simply contact our operations team and ask them about the “State your Price” offer!

Where do Queensman Spades provide their Home Warranty services?

We provide our property maintenance services across Dubai, UAE and Oxford, UK. Queensman Spades have offices in both cities to provide the ultimate care for customers who live there.

How do I know that I am receiving a high quality of service?

We believe that if you are going to do something, it’s worth doing it properly – first time! With no extra charge for additional call outs, it is our duty to diagnose and fix maintenance problems as soon as possible and with minimum disruption to both landlord and tenant.

Our processes are driven by technology, which brings efficiency and ease of communication. With our handy app, our teams are only a ‘click’ away. This two-way channel of communication allows complete transparency and reassurance with updates documented throughout the work.

Why do Queensman Spades not provide different tiers of service like others?

We believe if you are going to do something, it’s worth doing properly! Our single cover plan will most likely cover all events for managing and maintaining your property, at very reasonable pricing to each party. Customers have all their plumbing, electrical, carpentry, AC services and much more, all in one place!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We are confident in the all-inclusive package we offer but read the testimonials below to see what our clients' think.

Very Good Same Day Service...

Very good same day service of all maintenance issues. Cleaning of AC, AC servicing and repair, plumbing, electrical and general maintenance. Extremely helpful and friendly. We have a maintenance contract with them & it has made our lives so easy and hassle free. I highly recommend them.
Ms. McKenzie

Truly Professional Team...

Truly professional team. Experienced staff always willing and going extra mile in providing services and tailored solutions to customer's needs. Value for money!
Mr. A

A Very Professional Company...

A very professional company, with a great team that is punctual, offering quality services and hey guess  what... these guys clean their dirt after service leaving the house sparkling clean.Thumbs up Queensman Spades!

Mr. Nyahuma

I Really Like The Pro-Active Approach...

I really like the pro-active approach to the maintenance service Queensman provides. They recently repaired a leaking shower upstairs that could have resulted in considerable damage to downstairs rooms if it was not repaired as quick as they did. Well done and keep up the good work!

Mr. Khan

Had A Service As A Tenant....

Had a service as a tenant. The team arranged their schedule to fit into mine and visited my place day and night until they eventually fix the problems. Staffs respond to the customer's request in the kindest manner.

Mrs. Lee

The Warranty Offering Has A Reasonable Price...

The warranty offering has a reasonable price and never felt this peace of mind before. These guys know what they're doing!

Mr. Hittini