Established in Oxford and Dubai, our business is centered on providing our clients the best in property investment, home design + re-build of interiors and exteriors and the annual home maintenance with our flagship Dubai Homes Warranty Maintenance service. Our service and product offerings have grown across the spectrum and we have introduced partners to help offer a holistic approach where we truly believe there will be a key value-add to the home owner. Instant Water heaters and Smart homes are a good example of this in Dubai.

Our initiation was as home owners ourselves, largely from an international background of the oil and gas industry, came together to formalise what we had been doing between our network of colleagues and friends to offer as a services company.

Hence Queensman was born. Soon after we expanded to Dubai with Spades Technical Services to fill a gap in what we saw of the provision of reliable Warranty Maintenance Service.

Centric to our core principle, are very much our clients. We look to demonstrate our Trust, Integrity and Expertise in all our projects. This has become synonymous with our identity and brand.

Queensman Spades brings together Queensman Ltd in the UK and Spades Technical Services Llc in the UAE.

Global Business Services

From our beginnings in 2017, our management consultants’ team at Queensman Spades has become well established in Oxford, UK and Dubai, UAE with partnerships across a number of locations. In managing our businesses, our team offer consultation in operations with a focus on growth of local and new businesses. We tailor solutions to help businesses manage their business where they need help.

Our case studies span across different industries – from education providers, the oil and gas private sector, helping start-ups doing business overseas, the travel sector, construction and real estate sector, and projects in the charity sector.

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Community Initiatives

In giving back to the community AFLOAT charity was established in 2021 to provide a channel to support the communities we live and work in. Largely supported by our clients, a number of initiatives are in the making, working collectively to help those in need.

If you’d like more information or would like to get involved book a consultation and one of the management team will be in touch to discuss how we can collaborate.

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